5125 翻译,术语学家和口译 Translators, terminologists and interpreters (LEVEL A) - 飞出国

  • 5 艺术、文化、娱乐和体育职业 / Occupations in art, culture, recreation and sport

    • 51 艺术和文化专业职业 / Professional occupations in art and culture

      • 512 写作、翻译及相关通信专员 / Writing, translating and related communications professionals
        • 5121 作者和作家 / Authors and writers(A)
        • 5122 编辑 / Editors(A)
        • 5123 记者 / Journalists(A)
        • 5125* 翻译,术语学家和口译 / Translators, terminologists and interpreters(A)

5125 翻译,术语学家和口译 加拿大各省监管情况 - 飞出国

5125 Translators, terminologists and interpreters 监管情况

Regulated Non-regulated
Mandatory certification, licence, or registration Voluntary certification, licence, or registration No certification, licence, or registration exists
Exclusive right to practise Reserved title Available None
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Nova Scotia
Northwest Territories
Prince Edward Island

5125 翻译,术语学家和口译 Translators, terminologists and interpreters - FLYabroad NOC

翻译将书面材料从一种语言翻译到另一种。口译翻译是在演讲,会晤,会议,辩论和对话期间,或在法院或行政法庭前,将口头交流从一种语言翻译到另一种。术语专家对进行与某一个领域相关的术语研究,逐一分项,下定义,并在另一种语言中找到对等术语。手语译员在会议期间,谈话,电视节目或其他情况下,用手语翻译口语,反之亦然。翻译,术语和口译员受雇于政府,私人翻译和口译员机构,内部翻译服务,大型民营企业,国际组织和媒体,或者有可能成为自雇人士。手语翻译在学校和法院任职,亦可服务于社会服务机构,口译服务,政府服务和电视台,或者他们可能会成为自雇人士。 Translators translate written material from one language to another. Interpreters translate oral communication from one language to another during speeches, meetings, conferences, debates and conversation, or in court or before administrative tribunals. Terminologists conduct research to itemize terms connected with a certain field, define them and find equivalents in another language. Sign language interpreters use sign language to translate spoken language and vice versa during meetings, conversations, television programs or in other instances. Translators, terminologists and interpreters are employed by government, private translation and interpretation agencies, in-house translation services, large private corporations, international organizations and the media, or they may be self-employed. Sign language interpreters work in schools and courts, and for social service agencies, interpretation services, government services and television stations, or they may be self-employed.

5125 翻译,术语学家和口译头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

  • 社区口译员 community interpreter
  • 会议口译 conference interpreter
  • 法院口译 court interpreter
  • 翻译员 interpreter
  • 法律名词专家 legal terminologist
  • 文学翻译家 literary translator
  • 航向 localiser
  • 医学名词员 medical terminologist
  • 手语翻译 sign language interpreter
  • 名词员 terminologist
  • 翻译者 translator
  • 翻译改编者 translator adaptor
  • 翻译审校 translator-reviser

5125 翻译,术语学家和口译主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

翻译和翻译审校执行部分或全部下列职责:Translators and translator-revisers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 将各种书面材料,如信函,报告,法律文件,技术规格和教科书,从一种语言翻译到另一种,最大程度地保留原始材料的内容,背景和风格 Translate a variety of written material such as correspondence, reports, legal documents, technical specifications and textbooks from one language to another, maintaining the content, context and style of the original material to the greatest extent possible
  • 本地化软件和相应的技术文件,使其适应另一种语言和文化 Localize software and accompanying technical documents to adapt them to another language and culture
  • 修订和纠正翻译材料 Revise and correct translated material
  • 可培训和监督其他翻译员。 May train and supervise other translators.

术语学家执行部分或全部下列职责:Terminologists perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 确认一个活动领域中所使用的术语 Identify the terminology used in a field of activity
  • 针对给定的主题进行术语研究,或响应词汇,术语库,技术文件,字典,词典和资源中心的编制查询,并且添加到术语数据库 Conduct terminological research on a given subject or in response to inquiries for the preparation of glossaries, terminology banks, technological files, dictionaries, lexicons and resource centres, and add to terminological databases
  • 对从术语数据库收集的语言信息进行管理,更新和传播 Manage, update and circulate linguistic information collected from terminological databases
  • 编制法律,科学或其他需要专门术语的文件,为笔译,口译和技术作家提供咨询服务。 Provide consultative services to translators, interpreters and technical writers preparing legal, scientific or other documents that require specialized terminologies.

口译执行部分或全部下列职责:Interpreters perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 将口头交流从一种语言大声地翻译到另一种或使用电子设备,可以同时(伴随音箱讲),连续(扬声器说话后)或低声耳语地(当扬声器说话时,低声翻译给一个或两个人听) Interpret oral communication from one language to another aloud or using electronic equipment, either simultaneously (as the speaker speaks), consecutively (after the speaker speaks) or whispered (speaking in a low whisper to one or two persons as the speaker is talking)
  • 在法院或行政法庭前提供口译服务 Provide interpretation services in court or before administrative tribunals
  • 可以为在加拿大和国外旅行的个人和小团体进行口头翻译 May interpret language for individuals and small groups travelling in Canada and abroad
  • 可能为在各种情况说原住民语言或外语的人进行口译 May interpret for persons speaking an Aboriginal or foreign language in a variety of circumstances
  • 可能培训其他口译人员。 May train other interpreters.

手语翻译执行部分或全部下列职责:Sign language interpreters perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 同时或连续地将手语翻译成口语,反之亦然。 Translate sign language to a spoken language and vice versa either simultaneously or consecutively.
  • 翻译,术语专家和口译专注于加拿大的两种官方语言,如法语和英语。他们还专长于另一种语言和官方语言之一。专业化的主要领域包括行政,文学,科学和技术翻译。口译可能专长于法庭,议会或会议的翻译.手语口译者从事法国和语言符号或英国和美国手语(ASL)翻译工作。 Translators, terminologists and interpreters specialize in two languages, such as French and English, the official languages of Canada. They may also specialize in another language and one of the official languages. The main areas of specialization include administrative, literary, scientific and technical translation. Interpreters may specialize in court, parliamentary or conference interpretation.Sign language interpreters work in French and Langue des signes québécoise (LSQ) or in English and American Sign Language (ASL).

5125 翻译,术语学家和口译任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

  • 翻译专业大学学位,两种语言的专业笔译,口译或术语的翻译,其中至少包括两种官方语言之一 A university degree in translation with a specialization in translation, interpretation or terminology in two languages including at least one of the two official languages
  • 相关学科的大学学位,如语言,语言学,文字学和语言迁移课程,以及两年的作为全职翻译的经验,从事两种语言的翻译,其中至少有一种是官方语言 A university degree in a related discipline such as languages, linguistics, philology and courses in linguistic transfer and two years’ experience as a full-time translator working in two languages, at least one of which is an official language
  • 五年的两种语言的全职翻译工作经验,其中至少有一个是官方语言。 Five years of experience as a full-time translator working in two languages, at least one of which is an official language, are required.
  • 手语翻译员要求大专培训课程或手语翻译大学证书。 Sign language interpreters require a college training program or a university certificate in sign language interpretation.
  • 翻译,术语专家和口译员可能需要加拿大翻译,术语和口译理事会审查认证或通过其考试。 Certification on dossier or by examination from the Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council may be required for translators, terminologists and interpreters.
  • 手语翻译可能需要证书或LSQ或ASL的认证评估。 Sign language interpreters may require a certificate or certification evaluation in LSQ or ASL.
  • 国际范围内的笔译或口译工作者通常需要熟练掌握三种语言。 Fluency in three languages is usually required for translators or interpreters working in an international context.
  • 笔译,口译和术语工作者可能需要是省或地区协会的会员。 Membership in a provincial or territorial association of translators, interpreters and terminologists may be required.
  • 可能需要是省级手语翻译联合会的成员。 Membership in a provincial association of sign language interpreters may be required.

5125 翻译,术语学家和口译其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

  • 作者和作家 Authors and writers 5121
  • 编辑 Editors 5122
  • 语言教师(学院和其他职业教师) Language instructors (in 4021 College and other vocational instructors )
  • 语言学家(其他专业职业在社会科学中,NEC) Linguists (in 4169 Other professional occupations in social science, n.e.c. )

5125 翻译,术语学家和口译职称头衔 All titles## - FLYabroad NOC

  • 美国手语(ASL)口译员 American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter
  • 美国手语(ASL)口译员 ASL (American Sign Language) interpreter
  • C.诠释。 (认证的口译员) C. Int. (certified interpreter)
  • C.术语。 (认证名词员) C. Term. (certified terminologist)
  • C.风帆。 (认证翻译) C. Tr. (certified translator)
  • 认证翻译(C.Int) certified interpreter (C.Int.)
  • 认证的名词员(C.Term。) certified terminologist (C.Term.)
  • 认证翻译(C.Tr.) certified translator (C.Tr.)
  • 社区口译员 community interpreter
  • 会议口译 conference interpreter
  • 连续口译 consecutive interpreter
  • 法院口译员 court interpreter
  • 文化传译员 cultural interpreter
  • 文化或国际适应专家 cultural or international adaptation specialist
  • 聋译员 deaf interpreter
  • 教育译员 educational interpreter
  • 肘口译员 elbow interpreter
  • 护送口译员 escort interpreter
  • 外国广播翻译 foreign broadcast translator
  • 外国新闻翻译 foreign news translator
  • 翻译员 interpreter
  • 聋人翻译 interpreter for persons who are deaf
  • 翻译,用手语 interpreter, sign language
  • 尤里语言学家翻译 jurilinguist translator
  • 法律名词员 legal terminologist
  • 法律翻译 legal translator
  • 文学翻译家 literary translator
  • 航向 localiser
  • LSQ(魁北克手语)口译员 LSQ (Quebec Sign Language) interpreter
  • 医学名词员 medical terminologist
  • 医疗翻译 medical translator
  • 口语传译员 oral interpreter
  • 平台翻译,用手语 platform interpreter, sign language
  • 魁北克手语译员(LSQ) Quebec Sign Language (LSQ) interpreter
  • 接替口译员 relay interpreter
  • 翻译审校 - reviser – translation
  • 科学翻译 scientific translator
  • 手语翻译 sign language interpreter
  • 签署语言平台口译员 sign language platform interpreter
  • 同声翻译 simultaneous interpreter
  • 触觉译员 tactile interpreter
  • 技术翻译 technical translator
  • 名词员 terminologist
  • 术语顾问 terminology advisor
  • 翻译者 translator
  • 翻译适配器 translator adaptor
  • 翻译,外国广播 translator, foreign broadcasts
  • 翻译,外国新闻 translator, foreign news
  • 翻译审校 translator-reviser
  • 直译者 transliterator
  • 视觉语言翻译 visual language interpreter