4033 教育辅导员 Educational counsellors (LEVEL A) - 飞出国

  • 4 教育、法律和社会、社区和政府服务职业 / Occupations in education, law and social, community and government services
    • 40 教育服务专业职业 / Professional occupations in education services
      • 403 中学和小学教师和教育顾问 / Secondary and elementary school teachers and educational counsellors
        • 4031 中学教师 / Secondary school teachers(A)
        • 4032 小学和幼儿园教师 / Elementary school and kindergarten teachers(A)
        • 4033* 教育辅导员 / Educational counsellors(A)

4033 教育辅导员 加拿大各省监管情况 - 飞出国

4033 Educational counsellors 监管情况

Regulated Non-regulated
Mandatory certification, licence, or registration Voluntary certification, licence, or registration No certification, licence, or registration exists
Exclusive right to practise Reserved title Available None
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Nova Scotia
Northwest Territories
Prince Edward Island

4033 教育辅导员 Educational counsellors- FLYabroad NOC


Educational counsellors advise current and prospective students on educational issues, career planning and personal development, and co-ordinate the provision of counselling services to students, parents, teachers, faculty and staff. They are employed by school boards and post-secondary educational institutions.

4033 教育辅导员头衔范例 Example Titles- FLYabroad NOC

  • 学业辅导员 academic counsellor
  • 职业顾问 - 教育 career counsellor – education
  • 学校辅导员 school counsellor
  • 学生服务辅导员 student services counsellor

4033 教育辅导员主要职责 Main duties- FLYabroad NOC

教育辅导员执行部分或全部下列职责:Educational counsellors perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 辅导学生有关教育问题,如课程和项目的选择,时间表和日程安排,学校调整,考勤问题和学习技能 Counsel students regarding educational issues such as course and program selection, time tables and scheduling, school adjustment, attendance problems and study skills
  • 辅导学生有关事业或职业问题,包括职业勘查和规划,准备简历,求职面试技巧和求职策略,并为他们提供广泛的教育和职业信息 Counsel students regarding career or vocational issues including career exploration and planning, résumé preparation, job interview skills and job search strategies and make available to them a wide range of educational and occupational information
  • 协调合作,从学校到工作岗位的过渡方案,以及向学生,家长,教师,学术性教师和工作人员提供咨询和信息服务,如职业信息,专业发展会议以及与其他教育机构的交流 Co-ordinate co-op and school-to-work transition programs, and the provision of counselling and information services, such as career information, professional development sessions and exchanges with other educational institutions, to students, parents, teachers, faculty and staff
  • 与老师和家长或学术型教师和其他专业人士,如心理学家,言语治疗师和社会工作者商议有关的各种问题和关心的问题,并与管理员和社区机构咨询有关程序及被推举的人选。 Consult with teachers and parents or faculty and other professionals such as psychologists, speech therapists and social workers regarding various issues and concerns, and with administrators and community agencies regarding programs and referrals
  • 执行和禅释标准化的智力,性格,职业,性向和兴趣测试 Administer and interpret standardized intelligence, personality, vocational, aptitude and interest tests
  • 发展和协调高中,学院和大学的有关记笔记,测试或考试焦虑和准备策略和时间管理能力等主题的学习技能小组或工作室。 Develop and co-ordinate study skills groups or workshops in high schools, colleges and universities on topics such as note-taking, test or examination anxiety and preparation strategies and time management skills
  • 访问高等和中等学校,向未来学生,他们的父母和教育辅导员提供学术信息 Visit colleges and secondary schools to provide academic information to prospective students, their parents and educational counsellors
  • 统筹或参加学院或大学学生迎新活动 Co-ordinate or participate in student orientation programs in colleges or universities
  • 为雇主安排聘用即将毕业的大专和大学本科学生,以及用于合作社教育工作期限的学生 Arrange for employers to recruit graduating college and university students, and students for co-op education work terms
  • 辅导学生有关个人和社会问题,如物质滥用,抑郁,性欲,饮食失调,焦虑,自尊,家庭问题,人际关系和人际交往能力和情绪管理 Counsel students regarding personal and social issues such as substance abuse, depression, sexuality, eating disorders, anxiety, self-esteem, family problems, relationship and interpersonal skills and anger management
  • 在危机的情况下辅导学生,如处理朋友或家人成员的死亡,自杀倾向和滥用情况 Counsel students in crisis situations such as dealing with the death of a friend or family member, suicidal tendencies and abuse situations
  • 可以监管学校中同事的辅导项目 May supervise peer counselling programs in school settings
  • 亦可监督研究生辅导现场经验 May supervise field experience for graduate students in counselling
  • 可能教教授普通班。 May teach regular classes.

4033 教育辅导员任职要求 Employment requirements- FLYabroad NOC

  • 学校辅导员要求具备辅导,职业发展,教育或社会科学的大学本科学位。 A bachelor’s degree in counselling, career development, education or social sciences is required for counsellors in school settings.
  • 通常需要心理辅导或相关领域,如教育心理学,发展心理学或社会工作硕士学位。 A master’s degree in counselling psychology or a related field such as educational psychology, developmental psychology or social work is usually required.
  • 大专设置的教育辅导员要求本科学位,而且可能需要研究生学位。可能还需要特定的学术专业。 Educational counsellors in post-secondary settings require an undergraduate degree and may require a graduate degree. A particular academic specialization may also be required.
  • 在魁北克省,咨询师和心理辅导师要强制使用“辅导员”称号。 In Quebec, membership in L’Ordre des conseillers et conseillères d’orientation et des psychoéducateurs et psychoéducatrices du Québec is mandatory to use the title “counsellor”.
  • 学校设置的辅导员通常需要具有全省就业教师认证和教学经验。 A teacher’s certificate in the province of employment and some teaching experience is usually required for counsellors in school settings.
  • 大专和高校的教育辅导员可能需要管理心理学家,教育辅导员或社工的省级监管机构的许可。 Educational counsellors in colleges and universities may require licensing from a provincial regulatory body governing psychologists, educational counsellors or social workers.

4033 教育辅导员附加信息 Additional information- FLYabroad NOC

  • 小学辅导员一般提供更多的社会和个人辅导,而高中辅导员更多的提供学业辅导。 Elementary school counsellors generally provide more social and personal counselling whereas academic counselling is provided more by high school counsellors.
  • 学院,大学和其他设置的教育辅导员可能会专注于学业,事业或个人问题咨询。 Educational counsellors in colleges, universities and other settings may specialize in academic, career or personal issues counselling.

4033 教育辅导员其他分类 Classified elsewhere- FLYabroad NOC

  • 就业辅导员 Employment counsellors 4156
  • 家庭,婚姻和其他相关的辅导员 Family, marriage and other related counsellors 4153
  • 学校心理学家(心理学家) School psychologists (in 4151 Psychologists )
  • 中学教师 Secondary school teachers 4031
  • 社会工作者 Social workers 4152

4033 教育辅导员职称头衔 All titles- FLYabroad NOC

  • 学术顾问 academic adviser
  • 学术顾问,第一民族研究项目 academic adviser, First Nations studies program
  • 学业辅导员 academic counsellor
  • 学术技能辅导员 academic skills counsellor
  • 调整人员,学校 adjustment officer, school
  • 学术顾问 adviser, academic
  • 职业顾问 - 教育 career counsellor – education
  • 高校辅导员 college counsellor
  • 合作社人员 co-op officer
  • 辅导实习生 counselling intern
  • 原住民学生辅导员 counsellor for Aboriginal students
  • 辅导员,学校 counsellor, school
  • 董事,教育指导 director, educational guidance
  • 教育官员 education officer
  • 教育参赞 educational counsellor
  • 教育辅导主任 educational guidance director
  • 第一民族辅导员 - 教育 First Nations counsellor – Education
  • 联合国研究计划学术顾问 First Nations studies program academic adviser
  • 辅导员 guidance counsellor
  • 指导服务头 guidance service head
  • 领导,学校指导部门 head, school guidance department
  • 独立或应用研究人员 independent or applied studies officer
  • 国际学生顾问 international student adviser
  • 学习和研究技能专家 learning and study skills specialist
  • 个人学业辅导员 personal academic counsellor
  • 个人辅导员 - 教育 personal counsellor – education
  • 学校调整人员 school adjustment officer
  • 学校辅导员 school counsellor
  • 学校指导部门负责人 school guidance department head
  • 学生事务和就业人员 student affairs and employment officer
  • 学生辅导员 student counsellor
  • 学生就业服务统筹 student employment services co-ordinator
  • 学生服务辅导员 student services counsellor
  • 高校辅导员 university counsellor
  • 职业顾问 - 教育 vocational counsellor – education